Map of Wikipedia usage worldwide

Last week I did a short talk at TED on Wikipedia’s evolving impact. I’ve posted an expanded version of the slides (PDF) and want to use a few blog posts to elaborate on some of the points covered.

First point for this blog post, I was looking for a way to visualize some the great analysis Erik Zachte did recently on the geographic source of traffic to Wikipedia. A trip through Commons pointed me to a slick online mapping tool and Erik was incredibly helpful at providing me with the data I needed. Here’s the map we came up with, which represents average monthly Wikipedia page views per internet user during July, August and September of 2009:

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comScore January 2010 data

I updated the meta page on comScore data with January 2010 information. It’s been a while since I updated this analysis, mostly since Erik Zachte’s great Wikimedia Report Card covers most of the data far more elegantly.

I did include a first cut of the percentage of visitors to the largest language Wikipedias who actively edit, using Erik Zachte’s editor counts from WikiStats.  A couple observations:

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