Board letter on fundraising

Last week in preparation for our Board meeting at Wikimania I did a post on fundraising, financial controls, and chapters which triggered a lot of really thoughtful discussion. We’ve now wrapped up our Board meeting and have spent much time discussing the topic both among the Board and also with many community members here in Haifa. Given how incredibly important this topic is, we decided as a Board to capture our thoughts in a letter to the community. It’s up on meta, our Board Secretary Phoebe just emailed to a few lists, and below is the text. I’m happy to talk about the issues raised either in person at Wikimania through Sunday or on meta or here in blog comments.
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Board report for May-June 2011

Our new Board Secretary, Phoebe Ayers, is jumping right into her new role and both emailed and posted the first of a new series of regular board updates.  Text is pasted below:

Wikimedia Board of Trustees — activity report May-June 2011

Resolutions and votes

Controversial content

  • Controversial content resolution — this resolution was passed in May after a year-long process of discussion and research. It reaffirms the Board’s position on censorship, calls for continued community involvement in image review and asks for the creation of a personal image filter feature which would allow readers to not choose whether to view certain classes of images. Continue reading