Wikimedia Foundation governance overview

We’ve started a new public mailing list called for discussing and sharing best practices in financial reporting and financial transparency across the Wikimedia movement. The primary intended membership is treasurers, audit committees, and finance staff of movement organizations, but the list is public and anyone interested in financial reporting and transparency is welcome. We’ve got about 15 chapters represented so far, and hope to have more.

One of the things we’re doing to kick things off is outline how each of our organizations is trying to address these issues. See below for a list email I did today with my perspectives on the Wikimedia Foundation’s governance from my position as its Treasurer.

If this kind of detailed and occasionally technical discussion is your kind of thing, please join us. You can subscribe at

To begin sharing ideas and best practices, let’s start threads on the governance/accountability/transparency practices at each of our organizations. I’ll go first with my views on the Wikimedia Foundation. A few others Continue reading