Why I supported the Board letter on fundraising

The Wikimedia Board just published a letter to the community following-up on our ongoing discussion around fundraising and funds dissemination. As the Wikimedia Foundation Board’s Treasurer, its Audit Committee Chair, and its Trustee most responsible for oversight of financial matters, I think it’s appropriate that I share some of my personal views which led me to support the letter.

This is a difficult, complicated issue. But, how our movement focuses volunteer time and donor dollars is incredibly important. To help form my views on the issue, I’ve read hundreds of pages on meta, closely followed the statements made by Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia UK, Amical Viquipèdia, Continue reading

Visitors at WMF Audit Committee meetings

One idea we’ve had on the Wikimedia Foundation Audit Committee is to put in place a visitor program.  We think it could be a good way to drive additional transparency, and also to help share some useful practices with other movement organizations.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 14 February from 1:30-3:00 pacific time.  The primary agenda item is the review a draft of our annual public disclosure filing with U.S. tax authorities.  If that sort of thing interests you,  Continue reading