comScore January 2010 data

I updated the meta page on comScore data with January 2010 information. It’s been a while since I updated this analysis, mostly since Erik Zachte’s great Wikimedia Report Card covers most of the data far more elegantly.

I did include a first cut of the percentage of visitors to the largest language Wikipedias who actively edit, using Erik Zachte’s editor counts from WikiStats.  A couple observations:

  • On the English Wikipedia only about .02% of the unique visitors actively edit. Put another way, that’s one-fifth of one-tenth of one percent. If you include all users who made at least one edit, it’s about fifteen times higher at one-third of one percent.
  • Participation rates vary widely by language version.  Russian and German have comparatively high participation rights at around 0.03%, Japanese and Spanish are less than half that level, and English and French are in between around 0.02%.
  • I haven’t yet done the analysis on the other language Wikipedias comScore tracks, or of the ratio between total and active editors. I put together a summary of comScore’s trend data by project for the past few years (PDF on meta or Excel format) if anyone wants to run with it.

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